‘MasterChef’ Legends Winner Opens Restaurant in Fishers

Allyson Carney

Winner of the most recent season of MasterChef Legends, Kelsey Murphy, from Fishers opened her own restaurant called Inspo on March 28th in the Fishers Test Kitchen. The Fishers Test Kitchen is where many chefs gradually open their own restaurant and, in the future, expand. Chefs at the kitchen spend time growing, making changes, and improving. Locally, it is great for those looking to try new foods or needing a different restaurant to experience.  


From being on MasterChef, Murphy had gained more knowledge and new ideas. Over months on the show, she won against 14 other competitors, and made about twenty dishes along the way. Many of the foods she cooks is dependent on what is popular and seasonal. From a young age she had been exposed to diverse ethnic meals, but specifically Italian because of her family background.  


There is no doubt that opening your own restaurant can be nerve-wracking and stressful at times, but Murphy has had a lot of support and people to help. She took a course with Greg Howe, a consultant for the Fishers Test Kitchen, to learn more about ownership, management, and financial responsibilities included in owning a restaurant business. In an interview with IndyStar, it quotes “I don’t know what I’m doing but I have a lot of people helping me out,” Murphy said. “It has been an invaluable experience.” 


Murphy plans to have an inspired twist in each. She is creating and will be serving original dishes, but with an extra spark. The food being made is unique as they represent her journey and the challenges that she’s faced as a chef. Although the food will not be as intense as dishes she would cook on the show. Dishes such as Asian-styled chicken wings, avocado toast, jambalaya, and lobster mac and cheese can be expected on the menu currently. Murphy does plan on revising the menu and hopes for success to expand to have her own, larger restaurant.