Nedje Fequiere: Overcoming Challenges

Nick Eynon

Nedje Fequiere after scoring a goal vs Noblesville

Not once in her life did Nedje Fequiere think she would play lacrosse and yet here she is one ACL tear and a global pandemic later. Nedje had previously only played basketball before but sophomore year her friends encouraged her to give lacrosse a try. Transitioning from basketball to lacrosse wasn’t terribly difficult for Nedje as she found the lacrosse team ran a few plays that were similar to the ones she learned in basketball. Sadly just a few weeks into her first lacrosse season the COVID-19 pandemic started and everything was forced to shut down or moved online. Later, her junior year everything was starting to return to normal but didn’t stay that way for long. At practice right before her first game back from covid Nedje tore her ACL. At first she didn’t know she tore her ACL and played a full game with it torn before getting it looked at and then undergoing surgery. Recovery from ACL surgery was stressful for Nedje as she lost a lot of muscle on her left leg and had to do a lot of physical therapy. Her left leg is still not back to full strength like it was before, but it is still getting better and better every day. Her first game back she was expecting to start off slow but ended up scoring the opening goal. Nedje plays middie and attack but originally planned to try and be a goalie. Nedje said she would recommend lacrosse to people thinking about joining the team. Nedje also said that outside of practice she spends around 30 min to an hour every day doing wall ball etc. Two days ago, Nedje scored 3 goals in a big win against the Carmel girls JV lacrosse team. Overall Nedje is just glad to be back on the field again to finish out her senior season with her friends.

Number 14 Nedje Fequiere dodging a Noblesville defender