SSN: Athlete Feature

Mackenzie Dreher

Its that time of the year again Royals, Mudsock Week! As the spring sports practice to compete against the rival school, the tensions are high. I asked Hamilton Southeastern Junior, Zack Wagner some questions from the baseball players standpoint this week.

Photo by Angie Strawmyer

Wagner has been playing baseball since he was 4 years old, playing for the school since Freshman/Sophomore year. I asked about the difference in playing JV compared to playing Varsity. “Compared to last year Varsity baseball is like a whole new sport. Coaches teach you such a high level of baseball from before it’s crazy.” Wagner states. Within every sport is a support system that is vital to the team, I wanted to know how our baseball team supports each other on and off the field. “The team continues to support each by just being there for each other. If some needs help in a class, at least one player also has that class and will help them out. If a guy is having trouble bunting a player will help them and tell them what to do.” Inspiration is another big factor in the game of baseball, looking up to someone can encourage and push you to work harder. I asked Wagner who his inspirations were this season. “The people who inspire me the most are the seniors because they have played on varsity for a couple years and know what it’s like, so I try to be like them”.

Throughout this week the support ought to be high. Wagner is excited to play the Mudsock games this week because of the intense rival. The Mudsock games are a huge deal between the schools, playingagainst friends you grew up with. The blue and red school games are sure to be entertaining. The boys play at Fishers tonight, Home Tomorrow and Fishers on Saturday. Come show your support Royals!