Olio Road Productions Updates

Information on HSE’s film club

Trinity Mackenzie


Olio Road Productions is one of the clubs offered at HSE. Their entire goal is to make an entire feature film throughout the length of the school year. Mr. Follis, the creator and sponsor of this club, stated the club’s purpose and how it works.

I started and run Olio Road Productions which is a fully functioning production studio that each year creates from scratch a completely student-made feature films,” Follis said. “Every part of the movie from script to music, filming, acting, editing, and posters are done by the kids.”

Last year, the club was unable to finish the last film because of COVID, and they could not film at all in 2021. So, they are trying to put it out there that they exist and are working hard to create this year’s film, Serves ‘Em Right. The film was written and directed by Josiah Baker.

According to Follis, this club is the only high school in the nation that does this. IU has even modeled their programs after seeing HSE’s process in aking the films. They even have their own IMDB and website. Those pages are linked below.

Serves ‘Em Right’s premiere is May 9th. The trailer aired at the senior showcase. So, if ever curious, go see the premiere of Olio Road Productions’ Serves ‘Em Right. Below is a photo of the poster for the club’s newest creation. Olio Roads Productions would appreciate the student support go see the film they’ve worked so hard on. Story by Trinity Mackenzie. Photos contributed by Katherine Follis.


Here is their website page for this film.


Here is their IMDB page in progress.