Q&A: Annabelle Batuyong Shares about the Asian Student Union Club

Madeline Nelsen

Photo Contributed by Annabelle Batuyong.

1. Why should HSE students know about the Asian Student Union?

ASU is a place where we embrace and celebrate the different Asian cultures across the globe. A place where we can build a comfortable and welcoming community where we can learn and highlight the differences between these cultures.

2. What is Asian Student Union’s club mission?

ASU’s mission is to create a community of people that want to learn and share more about the Asian culture. We want to make it a safe place to make friends within the Asian community and to have fun.

3. How often does Asian Student Union meet?

We have a monthly meeting typically each is centered around a different aspect of the Asian culture whether it be music, food, or different Asian countries.

4. What do you talk about at club meetings?

We have had many different types of meetings each focusing on different aspects of culture as well as some round table discussions centered around equity within the district and our lives. We’ve done movie and music meetings where we take something fun or social and implement elements from Asian cultures in those.

5. If you do not have an Asian background, can you be a part of Asian Student Union?

You do not have to be Asian to join!! We want our club to be inclusive as possible. It’s just nice to see people that are interested in what we do whether they’re Asian or not.

6. How long has your club been active?

Our club started two years ago. When I was a sophomore, I was asked by the original president to start this club and we officially had club meetings at the beginning of last year during Covid. We ended up gathering a good number of members that regularly met on zoom.

7. What are your long-term goals for this club?

Our long-term goal for this club is just to continue to provide a place for Asians to gather and to create that community that centers around our culture. We want to spread awareness and educate other students that show an interest in the different types of Asian cultures. We would also like to create a community outside the school. We have worked with other schools’ clubs including Brebeuf, Fishers, and Carmel. We collaborate on events and give our members an opportunity to socialize and learn from people that come from different areas of Indiana.

8. Who is your club sponsor and how did you decide to choose them?

Our club sponsor is Mr. Ax. We originally searched for an Asian teacher that would be willing to be a sponsor for our club; however, there were no teachers within our high school at the time that we could find willing to do it. It did end up for the better though because we found Mr. Ax who has been a wonderful sponsor. He has travelled to Asian countries multiple times and was more than willing to be our sponsor for our club. He regularly participates and is always finding opportunities for us to participate in. Q&A by Madeline Nelsen.