HSE Boys Wrestling

Colin Castelo

HSE Boys Wrestling

The Hamilton southeastern Royals boys wrestling team is coming off a wonderful varsity season. With the season starting in the winter, I decided to talk to a couple of wrestlers myself. The wrestlers that will be included in this story are Christopher Casler and Landon Hicks. As a freshman in the 2021-2022 season Chris was on varsity 2. However, Landon was on jv and not able to compete due to injury. The 2022-2023 season begins November 29 as the Hamilton southeastern Royals will be competing against Avon. I decided to ask Chris and Landon a few questions.

What got you into wrestling?

Landon: “The person who got me into wrestling was my Junior High football coach, coach Funk.”

What challenges have you faced?

Landon: “My biggest challenge so far, has been missing my whole freshman wrestling season due to injury.”

Chris: “My challenges are having to cut loads of weight for tournaments. Also, having to go to practices even if I do not have the mental mindset for that day.”

Have you ever thought about quitting wrestling? If so, how have you overcome this obstacle?

Landon: “During my injury it was tough to keep coming to practice just to be on the stationary bike the whole time. One takeaway I did get from my time away from the mat was the fact that being able to practice is a privilege not everyone gets, which helped me overcome my thoughts of quitting.”

Chris: “I have thought about quitting during the long grueling practices when all I wanted to do was lay down and do nothing. But I thought of the pain of regret I would have if I did decide to quit. Personally, I would rather push through the pain now then having that pain for the rest of my life.”