Boys Swimming and Diving Preview


Carson Ordone, Author

Boys swimming and diving. A sport at HSE that sometimes gets overlooked and does not get the recognition that it deserves from the school. A new season is coming up and the team is looking very promising and should be extremely exciting to watch this year. I got the pleasure to sit down with sophomore sensation and key player, Jihoon Jung. A little bit about Jihoon is that he is a recognized leader upon the team at such a young age. He is also a very talented swimmer as he won a sectional in only his Freshman season. As I previously stated, boys swimming and diving is a sport that not many at HSE know a lot about or understand fully. So, I wanted to start off my talk with Jihoon by asking him how last year’s season went and what to expect from the boys this year. “Last year we lost a lot of core seniors and it was a big rebuilding period with a head coaching change and a newer group of swimmers, so I am really excited for us to keep building on that this year.” After being able to further my knowledge upon last season, I wanted to ask about the season coming up and what we will see from him and his teammates. “I am really excited for this upcoming season. We have a really good group of sophomores that will definitely make a huge impact in the coming years.” Finally, I asked Jihoon what changes were made over the off season and how HSE will stand out from the rest of the state. “Our team may not have the depth our team had a few years ago, but we have one of the most experienced coaching staffs in the state with multiple of our coaches having been elite college coaches that will drastically improve our team. I see the improvements our team makes every day and I am really excited for the road to state!” All of HSE should be excited about this upcoming season and what it has to offer. I encourage the school to show out at more meets this year and express our love for the sport and members of the swimming and diving program. Remember to be on the lookout for Jihoon Jung as he is a swimmer with very high potential and could be the key piece to bringing HSE home a state title!