Girls Volleyball Season Recap

Emma Bieberich

The Lady Royals Volleyball Team has had a dominating season, with an overall record of 30-1, while maintaining a 30-match win streak. This strong team has faced some tough opponents during the regular season, like the Yorktown Tigers, whom they beat 3-2 toward the beginning of this fall. The Royals have also dueled against all of their cross-town opponents, including the rival Fishers Tigers, sweeping all of them and maintaining the top ranking in the Hoosier Crossroads Conference.

This exceptional team has worked together as a unified whole to fight against other strong organizations across the state. The majority of these girls have competed alongside each other throughout their careers, creating a strong sense of chemistry and fellowship. According to sophomore Lindsay Mangelson, “[The girls] push each other and help everyone reach their highest potential. This season hasn’t just been about volleyball, we take care of each other and try to bring out the best in one another.”

The Royals are ranked #7 nationally, which is an impressive title that is not easy to achieve. It is evident that culture has played a huge part in the great success of the team as a whole. After talking to Mangelson, we know that “The culture is supportive, caring, and positive. We care about each other on and off the court.” These players have created strong bonds which have allowed for a positive environment and stable culture within the team.

The Lady Royals have not only worked together and created a good environment to help secure their wins, but have been supported by fantastic coaches, fans, and managers. According to Senior manager Sarah Penny, “Coach Young and assistant coach Sarah Steele balance each other’s coaching styles perfectly. They have played a large role in making sure that this team is improving each day,” Penny said. “The girls also play with their best support system, which the fans have created this season.”

According to both players and managers, this strong team aspect has helped the royals achieve their many accomplishments. The coaches and fans have also helped create a strong culture and allowed for great success for the team. All of these ideas have helped the Royals reach a high level of play and allowed for a positive outlook on the upcoming sectional matches.

Story by Emma Bieberich