Zach Lang: Leaving it all on the Mat

Emma Bieberich

From each victory to difficult pin, the boys’ wrestling team has had a strong season, being ranked within the top twenty organizations in the state. The royals have also had some notable wins, defeating the rival Fishers Tigers, Noblesville Millers, Avon Orioles, and more, advancing their major winning streak which they maintained this season. As a team, the royals have worked unbelievably hard to compete well against some tough teams. Nonetheless, there is one athlete, Zach Lang, who has taken the program by storm.

Lang began his career at age five, following in the footsteps of his dad and brother who are also experienced wrestlers. Lang, a now junior at Hamilton Southeastern, is a well-rounded athlete, placing among the top ten wrestlers across Indiana. He has been a strong competitor for the royals, with a powerful, winning record to prove his hard work over the years.

This season, Lang has not only performed well due to his great athletic ability but his strong leadership qualities. He explains, “I never sought out to be a leader, it just kind of happened,” Lang said. “I would put so much time and effort into the sport and people would start noticing.” Being a leader on this team of talented boys is a difficult task that came easy to Lang. His countless amount of dedication to this sport has helped him earn much success that can now be utilized to help lead others on the team.

Not only has Lang been a great leader this season, but has been a great teammate and role model for those around him. The wrestling team has a great culture that has helped to improve friendships and a sense of brotherhood that will last a lifetime. Lang notes, “The wrestling team has always given me a sense of belonging. The bonds I’ve made with teammates and coaches have made me love the sport even more than I ever could have imagined.” It is evident that strong relationships on the team are important to Lang, allowing his love for wrestling to grow as he competes with his teammates.

From Mudsock wins to clinching victories in tournaments, Lang has definitely had some notable moments throughout his wrestling career. Lang’s favorite memory on the team thus far was his freshman year, during one of the most important matches of the year versus Fishers. He explains, “I was varsity as an underclassman and going against a senior that I was very intimidated by,” Lang said. “However, I ended up beating him and got a huge confidence boost which helped me to believe in myself more often.”

Throughout his career, Zach Lang has been a model athlete with many remarkable wins and one of the highest rankings in Indiana. He is not only a great competitor but a strong leader and an excellent example for those he encounters. Lang’s job is not done, as the postseason is right around the corner. He will continue to focus on eating, lifting, and practicing in order to advance in the state tournament.

Story by Emma Bieberich