Al Morey: Driven to Win

Emma Bieberich

     Climbing into the cockpit, the constant rush of adrenaline and nerves coursing through the body is a familiar feeling for USF2000 driver Al Morey. Morey started racing at K1 Speed, an entertainment attraction for all fans of racing. At first, Morey leisurely raced for fun, but soon discovered his passion for burning rubber after winning multiple championships.  

     Since watching NASCAR with his dad at a young age, Morey has always had an adoration for racing. Beginning in 2020, Morey transitioned his craft to focus on outdoor racing with his current team, Jay Howard Driver Development. After testing many Formula 4 cars with his team in early 2022, he finally met the track in June of that year. Now a Junior at Hamilton Southeastern, Morey began racing a new, smooth-running USF2000 car, which he is currently competing with.  

     Competing at such a high level requires lots of preparation and time. Development begins weeks before a race, first practicing at the specific track in a racing simulator to mimic the feeling of real rivalry. Morey also attends a specialized gym in order to keep himself in shape and improve his strength. Stamina and power are important abilities to have, especially when driving a car with no assistance for an elongated period of time. Morey also studies annotations about the area and participates in a track walk to get a close-up view of the track and its minuscule details.  

     Being a professional driver involves many sacrifices yet grants many opportunities. Racing has allowed Morey to travel to exotic places around the world, driving on tracks in Sebring, Canada, and more. “To see all of these legendary tracks I grew up watching races on is amazing,” Morey said. “And even more than that to have the opportunity to race on them.” Strong talent grants great opportunities, especially for such an ardent individual like Morey.  

     To compete at such an elevated level, it is evident that speeding around a track at 150 mph accompanies a significant risk. Morey notes, “We all go into every race knowing the worst could happen, however, my team prepares me an amazing car every time I go out and the cars only get safer as time and technology progresses.”  Many safety features are also implemented to ensure Morey’s protection. The metal bar in front of Morey’s head called the halo is designed to assure the safety of his extremities in an unfortunate case of a crash. Despite the many risks when entering a race, Morey always prioritizes his safety and ultimately focuses on the race ahead of him, rather than the risk he takes when he enters the car. 

     Enduring both risk and reward, Al Morey’s racing career has already taken off. He has been granted the opportunity to travel to different tracks around the world, from scenic mountains to beautiful beaches. This great chance for Morey comes with much preparation and liability, however, as racing is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Morey continues to stay focused on his career, expressing his future aspirations as an NTT IndyCar driver. The future for Morey is bright, as he is dedicated to his craft and expertise.