Cole Earlewine: Balancing Two Sports

Adam Hipsky

Over one million men participate in high school football across the United States. Just 7.3% of those athletes move on to play at the collegiate level. To minimize that effort even more, only 2.9% of those one million plays at the division one level. It takes countless hours of preparation to be able to make these dreams a reality. Cole Earlewine, a senior at Hamilton Southeastern is heading to the next level to play division one football at Ball State. However, being a part of the 2.9 percent isn’t even the most impressive feat that Earlewine is accomplishing down the stretch of his senior year. Earlewine is also a member of the HSE Baseball program and has been a key piece in the team’s success this year. Cole is the team leader in Home Runs while also batting a .360 On-Base Percentage. It’s special to have someone in your program that can put up those numbers while training to play near the highest level in a completely different sport. Earlewine broke down how he is able to compartmentalize the two.


“I think aspects of baseball can go into football as well as vice versa. Staying in shape and moving around does a lot for football,” Earlewine said.


It’s more than just about staying in shape for Earlewine. He needs to be at the peak of his athleticism when he steps on campus in Muncie for his first practices.


“I am still working out every day, getting after it with my trainer and focusing in on more football related drills and workouts. Baseball is great and keeps me loose, but I know that wouldn’t be enough to make sure I am at my best for Fall practices,” stated Earlewine.


Cole didn’t receive this opportunity to play at the next level without being one of the best at the high school level. 65 tackles and 2 tackles for loss while being the backbone of a secondary that was widely known as a top defense in the state. That experience should help Earlewine at Ball State.


“I’ve been playing against some of the best competition the Midwest has to offer. Whether that’s in our own practices or during the season, we’ve seen some really talented and really high-end players”


Earlewine reports for his first practice in Muncie in Mid-June and he knows he has his work cut out for him.


“There will definitely be a learning curve without a doubt. High School football is way different than college football and I am prepared to take on that challenge. The good thing about this situation is I’ve been prepared by one of the best coaches in the state with Coach Kelly. He has worked with me a ton on what to expect and how I can make the most out of my opportunities.”


It’ll be exciting to keep your eye on Earlewine before he heads to college to play at the next level. Prior to that though, Cole is wrapping up on his final season playing baseball. Earlewine and the Royals head to the Noblesville Sectional to play the Westfield Shamrocks on May 27th.

Story by Adam Hipsky