HSETV: Fun Things in Fishers

September 27, 2017

Ready for Recognition

August 25, 2017

Each day, achievements in seasonal sports are honored on the announcements, whether that be first thing in the morning or on the daily video reports. While the names of football and soccer stars are often mentioned in regards...

HSE Clubs by Category

May 17, 2017

HSE Clubs   HSE’s clubs are categorized below into three groups (Academic, Service, Interests), followed by the name(s) of the club’s sponsor(s) and a short description.   Academic   Academic Math Team: Mary Carson, Naomi Jackson Students who a...

National Honorary Induction Ceremony

April 20, 2017

Each year, the school hosts a National Honorary Induction Ceremony where students are inducted into specific honor societies based on excellence shown in various areas. Honorary Induction Night, which occurred Wednesday, April...

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