Comparative Religions classes explore yoga for Hinduism unit


Summer Pratt

Students in Jamie Follis’ fifth period Comparative Religions class are introduced to the principles of Yoga as part of the Hinduism unit.

Alison Eling, Copy Editor

Yoga may not be an activity typically associated with school, but HSHS’s Comparative Religions classes had an opportunity to practice it during class on Wednesday, Sept. 3. Teacher Jamie Follis began to offer this exercise to his classes more than ten years ago.
“The class is very discussion-based, so I like to add in things just to kind of break up the monotony,” Follis said. “It’s not like I can make them go and practice religions, and watching videos gets a little old after a while.”
Yoga is an aspect of Hinduism, the religion Follis’ classes are currently learning about. The goal of the activity was to expose the students to the different components of what they are discussing in class.
The activity is not what Follis said is “real” yoga—students merely follow a video that explains how to do certain light stretches and relaxation poses. Though the exercises were not particularly intense, participation was voluntary. Several students took part in the activity, including senior Natalie Brosius.
“I loved it,” Brosius said. “It was a different way of exploring Hinduism, and it was just a nice break rom the day. It was really fun.”