A longstanding football tradition

Mary Claghorn, Design Editor

For more than four years, the varsity football team has held a long-standing tradition for Thursday practices. After the shortened practice ends, the players do not just head on home early instead, they bond together as a team.

The Thursday practice prepares the varsity football players for the traditional Friday night games not just physically but mentally.  Head coach Scott May finalizes details before the big night, and the seniors give a pep talk to the underclassmen players to get them fired up for the game.

Every week the parents bring in food for the team like chips, Rice Krispy Treats and even homemade cookies.

Senior varsity player Chase Wilson says the snacks are a highlight of the practice. Every Thursday, the team has Gatorade or Powerade to drink.

“[Thursday snacks] are something to look forward to after practice,” Wilson said. “It shows how much support we get from the parents, who supply the snacks, and how much they do for us. Those guys give us everything.”

For the varsity football team, Thursday is not just another normal practice; it’s a special day. To remember how great it is to be a team and to play with one another, and to prepare a win for the Royals.