Drawing II starts drawing with charcoal

Mary Claghorn, Design Editor

Art teacher Angela Fritz’s third period drawing II class is taking on the art medium of charcoal. In the back of the classroom stands a compilation of a ladder, fan, lamp, birdcage, mannequin and other items. This still-life structure is what the students are drawing. They are focusing on a part of the structure they like and are drawing that portion of it.

Sophomore Maddie Haigh says her project is coming along to her expectations. She is using various shading throughout her charcoal work and is primarily focusing on a ladder and a portion of a fan.

Sophomore Cherith Jackson is drawing out a birdcage and a part of a hanging curtain.

Jackson said,  “The curtain had a lot of knots and ruffles in it, and it would be hard, but I like drawing.”

Jackson is used to drawing with charcoal. Her favorite to use is compressed charcoal.

The artwork the students in Fritz’s class is showcasing the pure talent the students of HSHS have.