Key Club offers HSHS students an opportunity to donate blood

Alison Eling, Copy Editor

Beginning on Wednesday, Sept. 24, Key Club allowed HSHS students to sign up for the blood drive. The drive was held on Wednesday, Oct. 1 in the varsity gym.

Key Club has hosted a blood drive for 15 years, and sponsor Emily Gossett feels that the benefits continue to be substantial.

“It’s a very good cause, because it’s giving blood to people in Indiana—it’s local,” Gossett said. “Everyone needs blood, especially in hospitals.”

Any student over the age of 16 is allowed to donate, and anyone older than 17 does not need a permission slip. The only other criterion is that students must be over 110 pounds.

Even by the end of the first sign-up day, several students had already claimed an appointment. Senior and Key Club member Peyton Allan assisted with the sign ups and plans to donate blood as well.

“It’s my third year [donating],” Allan said. “I signed up because of Key Club, and my dad donates blood and he’s an advocate for it.”

Even with the number of students who have already signed up, there are still some who do not wish to because of the pain. Allan counters this objection, saying that the pain is not as bad as many students believe.

“It doesn’t hurt like a shot and as long as you don’t look at it, you won’t even know it’s there,” Allan said.