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Seniors shined in last holiday band concert

HSHS bands performed their holiday concert on Thursday, Dec. 11. They played a broad range of songs, as well as their annual sing-along at the end.

“I had to lead the sing-along,” senior and first chair flute Kara Wagoner said. “It was mortifying, but at least I survived. Grant [Woods] did it with me and he definitely outshined me.”

The concert also had its high points for Wagoner, who had a solo.

“In one of our songs it switched back and forth between me, Eugene [Vitvitskiy], Grant [Woods], and Geoffrey [Gwin],” Wagoner said. “The holiday concerts are always nice.”

Woods, a senior and first chair saxophone, agreed on that point. This was his and Wagoner’s last holiday concert.

“It was so surreal,” Woods said. “The winter concert is such a pivotal part of being in band, and it’s weird to think that my last one’s over. As always, though, it was tons of fun!”

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