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Scientific Study Tips

Finals are officially upon us! Here are 10 scientifically proven study tips to help you on your exams these next few days and in the future as we go into the new semester.

1. Switch things up

Try studying multiple topics and materials in one sitting opposed to committing one chapter of a subject to memory at a time. This actually helps your brain become a better problem solver by becoming familiar with a bunch of topics at once instead of expecting what type of question the next one will be. If you do a few geometry problems over triangles in a row, your brain will be prepared to answer another triangle related problem, which isn’t always how the test will go.

2. Write, write, write

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Our brains retain more information when we write things down by hand. If you’re having trouble remembering a concept, formula, or an important fact, jot it down! Next semester, instead of typing notes or simply filling in the blanks on note handouts that your teacher gives you, try writing all of it down in a notebook. You’ll be much more likely to remember it when it comes time for finals.

3. Say it out loud

When studying, read the information out loud. This way, you’re gathering knowledge by hearing and seeing it rather than just learning visually.

4. Take breaks

Taking breaks between material or subjects can boost your productivity and help you focus better on a single task. If you’re like me and have trouble getting back to work after a break, don’t spend these breaks on your phone. You’ll be much more likely to want to finish that episode on Netflix than get back to work. Try taking a walk or getting a snack.

5. Change your surroundings

According to research, studying the same material in different places every day helps you remember more of it. Creating different associations with the material you’re studying makes your memory stronger.

6. Make a playlist

Everyone knows that music helps ease stress. Studying to music can lessen the stress that finals bring. If you’re looking to change up your current Spotify Queue, check out the Royals Playlist here on!

7. Relax

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and and increase your attention span, two very important things during finals. Try closing your eyes and focusing on positive thoughts or researching some quick and easy yoga poses before you dig into your study guides. You never know what could work so don’t be afraid to test this one out!

8. Study before bed 

Your brain strengthens new memories while you’re sleeping, so you can memorize whatever you study easier before you sleep. Be careful and try not to bring the studying into your actual bed, though. The use of electronics in your bed right before sleep can actually affect your quality of sleep in negative way.

9. Ditch all-nighters

Staying up all night in an attempt to commit information to memory can make you more sensitive to stress and lower your cognitive performance. Although it way be tempting, try to get some sleep. Take advantage of our half day schedule tomorrow, Thursday and Friday and sleep in, or go to bed at a decent time and come to school before finals to study and ask your teachers any questions you may have. The first final of each day begins at 11:15, don’t be late!

10. Study in groups

If you can focus while working in groups and don’t mind a little company, a study group can be very helpful. Gather some friends and get to work, you might enjoy their company while doing some studying. If you’re having trouble in a certain subject or have a question over a concept, chances are that one of your friends knows the answers you need. Again, the student study time built into the half day schedule can be used for this.

Good luck and study hard!

Even though this week can be the toughest of the semester, try to stay positive! Don’t stress too much and remember this: your test scores do not define you as a person. Go do great things, HSE!

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