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HIPE Takes the Floor

On Saturday the 13th of February, HSE’s indoor Winter Percussion Ensemble, HIPE, took the floor for their first competition of the season. Their show, titled “Finding Center” featured a compilation of songs by Dream Theater, which included “Dance of eternity” “Panic Attack” and “Space Dye Vest.” They will eventually add another song called “the Miracle and the Sleeper” in their upcoming shows. They are under the direction of Mr. Allen Frye who also arranged the music.

There are many differences from the previous seasons of winter percussion. Center snare, Blake Woods says “The biggest difference is the most obvious probably, and it’s that we’re moving, rather than just being in a concert, stand-still type setting. We did movement my eighth grade year, but this year is better than that year by far.” HIPE created a movement show in 2012 but the results were poor according to the older percussionists. Woods also stated that the theme from 2012 compared to 2016 is a significant improvement. ” It is called “Finding Center,” and the theme goes along really well with the name. It is about finding peace and closure, since at the beginning everything is “off-center” and we are all seemingly lost. As the show progresses and develops, everything comes together and we finally find center, literally and figuratively. It’s overall just a big metaphor for finding solid ground in life.” Says woods

The group has improved tremendously since their first rehearsal. Section leader Derek Hagg says “The veterans have definitely adopted well to the idea of a movement group. There is also a noticeable difference in the skill level of the new members from the beginning to now. The group itself has grown closer and there is a sense of teamwork overall.” When asked what they have worked hardest on as a group he replied that it was balance. Each part must serve their purpose but not be too overpowering.

The team placed 5th in their competition out of 10 at Plainfield high school. Woods was asked to comment on how he felt the team did and he replied “We played the best out of all of the groups, but just played too loudly, which is what caused us to be fifth. I was very content, especially for the first competition.” Their scoresheet did reveal that they had come in first for music but that the performance and composition had lower scores and placed them 5th overall. However due to their stunning musical performance Saturday evening they have been recommended for class reassignment. HIPE a may move into open class, the second highest class. They will know for sure in upcoming days.

Patrick Keeling, on tenors
Patrick Keeling, on tenors
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