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Preparing for the Summer Trips

As the winter weather is slowly drifting away and Spring Break drawing closer and closer, few lucky students are beginning to think more and more about their preparation for this summer’s trip to Costa Rica. Meetings have taken place to give the students new information about the preparation needed and the activities that will be done. This trip allows students to meet new people, have new experiences and apply their knowledge of Spanish in an out of class setting. Students will have the chance to meet native people, practice the target language, and truly experience the culture they are learning about in the classroom. Mrs. Liz Rose is the World Language Department Chair of Spanish as well as the travel coordinator for this trip. To prepare for this trip, she has spent months trying to bring everything together by through talking with travel agencies.

“In the summer of 2017, this summer we are going to Costa Rica for 10 days,” stated Mrs. Rose.”There we will do white water rafting, zip lining, and we will see an active volcano. We will go to some nature preserves, and all kinds of things like that. It is kind of lot of culture but it’s also a lot of adventure type things, outdoor, and stuff like that.”

Matt Kuster is a junior at HSE who is currently taking Spanish 4 and is planning on attending this summer’s trip to Costa Rica. The meetings and the upcoming departure date have made him and others more excited for the trip.

“I am looking forward to the trip but mostly being able to swim in the Clearwater on the shores,” he stated when describing what he was most anticipating.

Meetings have already taken place to discuss next year’s summer trip for 2018 which will be in Spain and Italy. This trip will be an educational travel experience that will consist of spending 12 days in June 2018, as well as one night on a ferry. Students will visit Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Pompeii and matt more places.

“This year the trip is 2 countries and an overnight on a boat that is different from all the other years,” stated Mrs. Rose. “We are going to an area that we do not really study but I think that it important because Italian and Spanish are close so there will be a lot of comparisons.”

The trips will continue on every summer because of the success that they have had and will help students fully experience the culture that they learn about in the classroom. Story by Sarah Woodward

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