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Make-A-Wish Club

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a foundation that sends children with a life-threatening condition on their dream Adventure. There are 3 steps to granting a wish; Referral, medical eligibility, the wish, and creating joy.

This year sophomore, Claire Wilkinson and her sister senior, Natalie Wilkinson started the Make-A-Wish club at HSEHE. With the club, they wanted to bring a different kind of volunteering to the community.

“My sister Natalie and I started this Make-A-Wish Club because when we previously volunteered for the make a wish foundation we saw how happy it made the kids and we wanted to contribute to their happiness.” Claire Wilkinson said.

The goal of the club is to raise $8,000 per school year which is the cost to grant one wish. To get involved with this club by signing up for emails and participating in fundraisers or wishes. The club meets once a once a month to discuss different fundraiser and activities. Make-A-Wish is always looking for new people to get involved and anyone can join the club at any time.

“People should join this club [Make-A-Wish] because it is a different type of volunteering than what is generally offered at HSE. We not only do fundraisers to raise money, but we also get to take part in certain wishes.” Wilkinson said.

Make-A-Wish has done several events so far, this year to raise money, for example in October they held an open house for small children. They are currently selling t-shirts to help raise money to help fund other events.

The Make-A-Wish club meets once a month to discuss new fundraiser ideas and review progress.

Photo By: Instagram, @hsemawclub

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