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Beauty and the Beast Takes the Big Screen

The Disney animation “Beauty and the Beast” has once again captivated an audience of both children and adults alike as its live-action adaptation was released to theaters March 17. In this refashioning of the tale as old as time, Emma Watson portrays a strong feminist lead as she takes on the role of Belle and befriends an enchanted castle and the beast who has taken her captive.

With a storyline that most everyone is familiar with, even critics were surprised as the film brought in $174,750,616 its first week open to the public. Starring Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, and Kevin Kline as Maurice, Belle’s whimsical and outlandish father, the picture remains number one on Box Office’s weekly rankings.

Senior Meghann Cullen was not at all surprised by the movies success, welcoming the films changes and developments.

“[The changes] were added nicely and helped enhance the movie and didn’t take away from the original,” Cullen said. “I really like all the new songs they added.”

The soundtrack however was not where Cullen’s, along with many others, appreciation for the film stopped. Cullen’s also acknowledged several other parts of the movie-making process that helped make the film such a success.

“I thought [the movie] was very well cast and the acting and singing was amazing,” Cullen said. “I think it will have lasting impressions just like the original.”

Much like the original tale of a strong and independent young woman who finds love in a man with the outward appearance of a beast, but with a heart full of compassion, the 2017 remake of “Beauty and the Beast” leaves its audience with a childlike sensation of awe and wonder.

“Honestly my favorite part was the whole [movie],” Cullen said. “It was amazing from start to finish.” Story by Marissa Hubbard

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