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Behind the Designs : The HSE Fan Stand

Do you ever wonder where your classmates got those black shirts everyone wore sitting in the stands of the Royals blackout football game? Or where they bought the stickers on the back of their cars? Outside of Café B and in front of the varsity gym you’ll find the students behind those detailed designs. Next time you’re in need for some Royal gear whatever that may be, you can find it at the HSE Fan Stand.

The Fan Stand is a business class offered to students who are interested in pursuing a future career in business. Its content teaches students a variation of skills in the specialty, from designing to advertising through social media. The course is student led, therefore it requires a great amount of independence and it models the environment of a real-world business.

“The best part about being a part of the Fan Stand is getting a break from the average class room setting of school and learn how to work in a business setting,” junior Max Kibble said. “I think it’s going to be beneficial to me and the rest of the Fan Stand [staff] in the long run.”

As current members of the Fan Stand continue to prepare for next year’s merchandise, new individuals were recently hired to become a part of the team. The new students will collaborate with already existing faculty and contribute more ideas for products.

“The Fan Stand experience will really be something new to me,” sophomore and newly employed staff member Mia Becker said. “I’ve never been that involved with the school or been in many clubs so this is a great opportunity to get more involved with the school and its activities.”

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