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A Moment With Jinan Ayub

What position do you hold?

I am currently the Vice President of Student Council here at HSE. Last year, I was Historian and Secretary, which gave me an amazing opportunity to get my voice heard and allowed me to make effective contributions to the school. It is great for me to hold a higher position this year so I can continue to impact the school and community.

What is Student Council in charge of for Homecoming?

Student Council oversees almost all events going on around the school during Homecoming week. As a group, we decide the spirit days, organize the pep rally, Royal Olympics, Homecoming court and of the Homecoming dance. We also usually have one fun event after school that week. In the past, we have had dodgeball and ultimate frisbee tournaments where students create teams and compete for gift cards and “the golden dodgeball.” This year, we wanted to do something completely new and different, which is why we’re holding our very first water balloon fight after school in the Royal Grove.

Why is participation during spirit weeks important?

I think it is super important for students to participate because not only does it show that you are proud to be a student at HSE, but because you also get a chance to have fun and be creative. Spirit week is that one week of school every season where students are allowed to dress crazy and show their Royal pride.

What are you most looking forward to the most during Homecoming week?

As the head of dance committee, I am excited to see how the decorations turn out and how everything comes together the day of the dance. We also put a lot of hours into planning the pep rally, so I am looking forward to seeing the response to all the new activities we have added. I especially love dancing and dressing up, so I cannot wait to go to the dance with some friends and have a good time.

How will the dance be different this year?

The theme of the homecoming dance this year is “Under the Sea.” Unlike last year, our food will be catered from Fresh2Order and we will have two photo booths for quicker lines. We will also have a Snapchat filter like we did last year and we’ll be using the hashtag #underthehse2017 for all of our posts. Our DJ this year is Nick Rage, who worked prom last April and Homecoming for the past two years. We had great feedback about his work from the past few events so we decided to bring him back.

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