Photo Gallery: Girls Golf Banquet

Teary-eyed and smiling, Senior Dagny Gladwell gives her speech at the Girls Golf Banquet on October 25. Gladwell remembers why she started playing.“I chose to keep playing competitively because it is what I love to do,” Gladwell said. “You can’t beat the feeling of hard work paying off and the better you get, the harder you want to work.”

Smiling at her teammates, Sophomore Maegan Watson receives her second varsity letter at the Girls Golf Banquet on October 25. This marks the completion of her second season on the team. “There’s something about golf that makes it the perfect balance of the team and individual competition,” Watson said.”It is such a stress reliever as well as a fun environment.”

Looking at her coach, Freshman Katy Pippenger accepts her award at the Girls Golf Banquet on October 25. Pippenger talks about her first season on the team. “Golf is less stressful for me,” Pippenger said. “It allows for me to get to know the people I’m playing with.”

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