Taylor Swift Drops Reputation

Musical artist Taylor Swift released her album Nov. 10. Swift has not released an album since 2014, which was her album 1989. Swift’s new album is called Reputation. It portrays what drama she went through with other celebrities and breakups in the past years.

“She and Adele are the only two female artists to win a Grammy for album of the year twice. And her music isn’t the sole draw,” the Guardian Press said. “Her every heartbeat – her records, relationships and social media activity – is chronicled, inflated and attributed with a significance far greater than Swift herself.”

The new album was influenced by the amount of drama with other celebrities who would say rude comments about her music and the breakups she went through past couple years during the making of the new album. During the worldwide VMA’s award show in 2009, Kayne West took the microphone away from Taylor Swift and commented on how another musical artist deserved the award over her. This was the turning point for Swift. She switched over to pop music and stopped producing country music.

“I like the way the stories of my relationships sound to music more than the way they look in print, in gossip columns or in me talking about them in interviews,” Swift said. “I think it’s a better way of telling the stories.”

Most of Swift’s album with her songs were highly influenced by relationships and she would express the relationship in the songs that were produced on the album. Other songs that are on her new album are dealing with other celebrities who targeted her in the past.

“There is a tendency to want to get thick-skinned,” Swift said. “There is a tendency to block out negative things because they really hurt. But if I stop feeling pain, then I’m afraid I’ll stop feeling an immense excitement and epic celebration and happiness. I can’t stop feeling those things, so I feel everything. And that keeps me who I am.”

Being an emotional human being does not affect Swift’s lyrics. Instead, the comments from haters inspire Swift to write powerful songs and for her to express her feelings through the music she produces.


“I think [taking risks in music] is important for the people who keep you going and support you,” Swift said. “Have your back out there in the world to know that you’re thinking of them all the time.” 

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