Lucas Oil Stadium shaking, a sea of red and white, odd colors to see in Lucas Oil, but when Ohio State and Wisconsin meet up for the Big Ten championship so do the fans. Selection season, time for the college football bowl games to be announced. Each year, teams get selected and put into bowl games. The games that are played at the end of the college football season are a final showdown between ranked teams and unranked teams. The College Football Playoffs is between four teams that play two rounds for one champion. This is where the top four ranked teams in the country meet to find out who the best is. The semifinals consist of two bowl games; the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl. The Rose Bowl is a matchup between the Georgia Bulldogs, and the Oklahoma Sooners. Then there is the Sugar Bowl, Clemson, and Alabama.

“I think Ohio State should have made it to the College Football Playoffs because they had an amazing season,” senior Alex Wilson said. “The Energy that the team had as a whole made them so intense to watch.”

There is a process that a committee goes through to select the teams to go into the playoffs, some of it is based on the record, and some of it is based on the strength of your schedule, but some feel that their team is better than the ones in the playoffs.

“Overall they had a great season, and it was fun to watch,” Wilson said. “I just wish that more people got into the playoffs to make it more interesting.”

The committee is not out to make friends in the college football world. That is not their job, but selecting the best teams however is. There are only four spots which make the number of teams who get selected very limited.

“This is the time of year where everyone gets excited with their teams because they can finally sit down and watch their team play during the holidays,” sophomore Casey Back said. “Clemson is my favorite team they bring a lot of excitement to the field especially after upsetting Alabama last year.”

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