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Make A Wish Holiday Concert: Give Back This Season

While the holiday season is well known as a time of opening stockings, untying ribbons and ripping open wrapping paper. It’s also considered to be a time of giving, and multiple organizations aim their focus towards helping various charities and nonprofits. As finals approach, the busy life of a student may interfere with an individual’s desire to participate in something bigger than themselves. However, HSE’s growing Make-A-Wish club is making the availability to contribute to their foundation a bit easier for those students who get swarmed in by the time-consuming preparation of finals.  

The Make-A-Wish club is inviting people of all ages, specifically high school students, to attend their first-ever holiday concert. The club’s previous events have primarily targeted those who fall on the younger side, however, one of their main goals with this occasion is to encourage high school students to see first-hand what the Make-A-Wish Foundation is truly about.  

“Our holiday event will be featuring live music performed by students and other local talented performers. While listening to live music,” junior vice president Caroline Shumaker said, “You can sip a cup of hot chocolate and make crafts. This event will be a great way to kick off the start of winter break, end finals, and celebrate the holiday season.” 

Performers who will be showcasing their talents include Fishers junior Kate Michael accompanied by her band, HSE choir members, former student Laura Dawley and junior Sophia Zhang. A “Wish Kid” will also be there to share how the foundation has made an impact on their life.   

Every donation offered at the holiday concert will go directly towards the total amount of donations the club hopes to raise this school year. Make-A-Wish club’s ultimate ambition is to collect 8,000 dollars, the average budget it takes to grant one ill child a wish. Officers believe that this new event can potentially be the group’s most attended. Their desire is that students will feel inspired to help those who are battling sickness during this celebrated part of the year.  

“I think it is important to help foundations like Make-A-Wish because illnesses can be even more difficult during the holiday season. Since [Wish Kids] won’t be able to do their normal holiday traditions,” sophomore Nathan Macha said. “Lifting up their spirits through granting wishes is even more influential.” 

If you’re pondering on what you should do to not only celebrate the end of finals week, but the holiday season, Make-A-Wish club’s holiday concert will take place on December 20, at 9973 West 1025 South Fortville, Indiana, otherwise known as the YoungLife barn. The event will begin at 7 p.m. and last until 9 p.m. Entry costs five dollars and an additional three dollars for refreshments and crafts.  

“The Make-A-Wish Foundation has a really big place in my heart,” junior president Claire Wilkinson said. “And I have been encouraged to become active in helping raise money to grant wishes. Overall, the Make-A-Wish Foundation provides hope and joy to children who need it the most.” 

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