Millions of people wait all year to see if their team will play in the Super Bowl and millions watch just to see the creative, commercials that cost companies millions of dollars to air that night. Except for this year during the Super Bowl LII, there were a few commercials that upset viewers.

Dodge Ram Trucks produced a commercial using Martin Luther King Jr’s speech, The Drum Major Instinct, as a voice-over showing American heroes at work. There was a teacher, a firefighter, a soldier coming home from war and many more.

After the commercial aired, tweets started arising saying they were in shock by the misinterpretation of the speech and how they made it into something it wasn’t. There were even tweets about how they used an all-white cast and one African American to sell the trucks while using Martin Luther King Jr. speech.

Another commercial that created a lot of backlash was a T-Mobile commercial featuring babies with different cultures. The commercial had a voice-over speaking to the kids telling them how they are all equal. It also mentions how they can love who they want and can demand equal pay along with other things as well.

The backlash came from this commercial because many disagreed with the use of babies making a political pitch during a Super Bowl. Viewers thought it was unfair that this commercial was allowed to run while other commercials that make political stances were not.

All in all these commercials were supposed to tug at your heart and give you a little bit of hope for the future.

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