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Colts Signing New Head Coach

After the loss of head coach Tony Dungy, the Indianapolis Colts have had a rough edge for the last couple of years. The Colts had a 4-16 season in the 2017 season and the coaching staff has been relentless in the attempt to make it to the playoffs considering the lack of old-school knowledge and experience that Tony Dungy brought before he left. With all this in mind, there have been many attempts to replace what Dungy brought to the team.

While searching for a new head coach the Indianapolis Colts were looking for a man that can bring new material to the table and meet all of their qualifications. Frank Reich, former Eagles Head Coach has decided to step forward and continue his career as a coach for the Colts. With a recent Super Bowl win under his belt, he has decided to try and bring the same Super Bowl coaching to the Indianapolis Colts.

With a fully healthy Andrew Luck and some good receivers, the Colts offense will be top notch in this upcoming season, especially with Frank Reich at the wheel. This new hire has started a lot of talks and is inspiring change into the Colts program. If Reich does what he thinks is the correct then he will change the atmosphere of the team and make them playoff competitors out of the blue by sticking to a plan.

With all this in mind the Colts are definitely seeking out a change in their program and don’t really have any more options coming from a four-win season, and their decision will either create a big impact in the program or help out only a small amount and proceed with little to no change.

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