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  April 30, teachers assigned online lesson plans to substitute for the snow day during the winter season. The students of HSE district were given a week to complete the assigned assignments. If the assignments were completed the students are marked as present on the makeup day, and if left uncompleted, those students received unexcused absences. This e-learning day added to the 180-day count of required school days without adding an extra day students would have to attend added at the end of the year.

  “It was more work for some classes and less for others, it depended on what class or teacher it was for,” Geoglen said. “I liked it because we did not have to have an extra day of school.”

  While this was the first time the HSE district had an e-learning day to substitute for a snow day, in the future e-learning days will become the solution to getting the required 180 days of school without having to add on school days at the end of the year.

  “I would like e-learning days in the future,” Geoglen said. “I feel like it benefits both the teachers and the students so it is a win-win situation.”

  In the future, Hamilton Southeastern will be implementing e-learning days instead of snow days that will make students lose days of their summer vacations.

 “I support the district’s decision to incorporate e-learning days into our system to alleviate the issues associated with changing school year schedules mid-year due to cancellations,” Peter Salvadori said. “Modifying the school year schedule has a far worse impact on family plans such as vacations and graduation arrangements than working in the e-learning modules.”

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