SSN: Alec Thierion De Monclin Spotlight

Whilst traveling the world, Thierion De Monclin makes a stop at HSE

The sun beats down amongst the gathering crowd as the echo of ricocheting tennis balls rings in the atmosphere, while the Royals prepare for their upcoming tennis match.

Thierion De Monclin has a family heritage that runs across the world, specifically pinpointed in France. Although Thierion De Monclin doesn’t plan on staying in the United States the rest of his life, he plans to bring his family’s tennis history to the Royals’ court.

“My family has played tennis for a long time,” sophomore Thierion De Monclin said. “My dad played clubs back in France when he was very young.”

The sophomore is originally from France and has lived in every continent except for Antarctica in his short life, thus far. Now, he is making his stop in the United States, specifically here at HSE.

“It provided great competition for me and my brother,” Thierion De Monclin said. “Now, he even has a varsity letter.”

Freshman Shlok Kulkarni joined HSE’s tennis team this past season and has created a strong bond with Thierion De Monclin. Kulkarni spoke high praises about Thierion De Monclin’s improvements.

“This past season, Alec has done great things,” freshman Kulkarni said. “He hits the ball a lot better and his slices have improved greatly.”

Thierion De Monclin hopes to have a strong sophomore season on the court this spring. Hopefully he can transfer all of his past family’s success to HSE’s team this season.

   Story by Evan Miller.