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SSN: Allie Poyer Spotlight

Shooting For Our Next Generation 

An Athlete With A Gold Heart 

   Most athletes focus mainly on their sport and studies. Allie Poyer however, has another thing she focuses on. Something that shows how much of a special heart she really has. 

   Poyer has played basketball since she was 5, and has played for our school team since her freshman year. She has even made it to the girls Varsity team.  

   Poyer may love basketball, but what she loves more, is teaching children. For a long time, she has had a passion to bring success in them. 

   Her goal is to one day become an art teacher, and to spread her talented art skills to the children. Poyer said, “I just love the thought of working with children and being able to do what I love.” “I would love to be an art teacher and be able to teach children about their passion. Whether it’s art, or just something else you know, whatever they love to do.” 

   Poyer has had multiple experiences in working with children. She served as a leader at Camp Crosley YMCA in North Webster, Indiana, has been working at a vacation bible school since she was 13, and has been babysitting children for the past 3 years.  She also comes from a family full of educators. 

“Allie is the oldest of 13 cousins. She has cared for them allShe is very good in most teaching environments,” her father Kyle Poyer said. “Both of her parents are educators, so she understands what it means to sacrifice and put others first. From my eyes, she displays a positive demeanor, even when outcomes are not in her favor.”  

   Poyer’s love for children is the kind of love you don’t normally find in most students. Her love for children is so strong, that she’s willing to do whatever it takes to help them achieve their dreams. Poyer will be attending Kutztown University in Pennsylvania and will be majoring in art education. Surely, her path to success is straight ahead.  

Story by Vaish Inabathula

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