SSN: Elias Yarling Spotlight


The Transition

Elias Yarling had a big decision to make when heading into high school. Coming out of Fishers Junior High, he decided to transition into HSE High School. This transition would be hard for most students, but not Yarling. Yarling found his place very quickly; with the help of tennis.




Elias Yarling was one of the best tennis players at Fishers Junior High. When he made the switch to HSE High School, he joined the tennis team and instantly made an impact; even as a freshman. The tennis team welcomed Yarling with open arms. Yarling and his fellow teammates connected quickly on and off the court. Yarling said, “Tennis was really nice because it allowed him to find a small community within a big school” Some of Yarling’s closest high school friends came from the tennis team. Throughout high school, Yarling not only grew as a tennis player, but he said, “I also grew as a person”.


Over Yarling’s four years playing tennis, HSE constantly matched up against Fishers. Yarling explained, “Playing Fishers was really unique”. Yarling was matched up against his former teammates that he had played with for many years. Overall, Yarling has an even 3-3 record against Fishers in his high school career.


Yarling’s experiences coming into HSE High School and joining a new team were made easier by strong senior leadership when he was a freshman. He was very thankful to have an example to follow so he could quickly adjust. This year, Yarling is a senior. He took on the role of being a leader for the team to help the younger freshman. He said, “It really is nice to provide the younger guys with some leadership” Yarling was once the young freshman that needed guidance. Now, Yarling is giving back to the team as a leader.

Story By Matt Meyer