SSN: Justin Voelker Spotlight

Voelker and the Royals have their sights set on successful 2020 season

Water splashes out of the pool as the swimmers race to the wall on the final stretch of their relay. Justin Voelker and the Royals are already jumping back into the pool to set their sights on next season.

“We didn’t do as well as we had liked to at state, but next year we have a very good possibility of getting second, or even first, in the state.” sophomore Voelker said.

Despite the season being over, Voelker and the Royals are still competing and looking to improve upon this past season.

“I have an upcoming meet downtown that I had to get cuts to swim in,” Voelker said. ” I am preparing by coming to practice every day and just working hard as always. About a week before, I’ll start tapering, so yardage will be cut down. Practices will get easier to help rest up for the meet.”

Teammate Owen Armstrong says that Voelker is one of the lighter members of the swim team.

“Justin has kept a good work ethic by always pushing ahead,” sophomore Armstrong said. “He also makes light jokes when practice is hard to keep things going.”

Armstrong also added that Voelker has been having some friendly competition with his fellow teammates.

“I know that he was competing with Zack [Bostock] and Thomas [Reising] during the preseason and postseason to help them get better,” Armstrong said.

He is hoping to make a strong push in these final practices before his upcoming meet and for the upcoming season.

“Practices are helping me to prepare for this upcoming meet by giving me the ability to swim long course better,” Voelker said. “We swam the whole high school season full course. For long course, the pool is longer and there are less turns.”

On top of being an athlete, Voelker is focused on being a student, as he holds an outstanding GPA and he looks to have a successful life ahead of him.

Story by Evan Miller.