SSN: Turner Edwards Spotlight

The Jack of All Trades

Senior Turner Edwards explains his experiences with being a dual sport athlete


At 6’4”, Turner Edwards is hard to miss in the hallways. Walking with broad shoulders, he acknowledges friends from football. And rugby. And Eagle Scouts. Edwards is highly active in all three of these clubs and sports. In the spring, Edwards is busy getting muddy with his teammates in rugby. In the fall, he’s all about the football season and being able to play in front of thousands of screaming fans on Friday nights. Year round, Edwards is active in Eagle Scouts, learning how to become a better man as well as an asset to his community. It’s easy to say Edwards is a jack of all trades.

Edwards has been playing rugby at HSE for years. He’s also been playing football for the past 4 years. Edwards is currently also a team captain for the rugby team as well.

“Rugby and football are very different,” Edwards says. “Rugby is more relaxed than football for sure, yet we have more games. Rugby is more laid back for sure, as for football you are more inclined to always be at every practice no questions asked or you lose your spot”.

When turner isn’t playing sports, he enjoys playing video games as well as participating in Eagle Scouts. And trust me, he can tie more knots than anyone I’ve ever met. Trust me. I asked.

“Turner is extremely hard working,” Edwards’ dad says. “He loves playing sports and also working with Eagle Scouts. No matter what he does he always seems to give 110%”.

Edwards seems to always be inclined to be apart of something bigger than himself, wether it be a sport, or a group. This seems to be what sets him apart from others.