SSN: Ashlyn Freeman Spotlight

A Long Way Back
Six months is a long time to go without playing a game, and it’s tough to come back after that much time off.

Early in the first period running down the freshly cut grass, and the next moment there’s a snap in your knee and you collapse.

Ashlyn Freeman has overcome just about every injury in her high school career. She has broken her collarbone twice, and dislocated her kneecap last October.

“I had to go through a lot of physical therapy” Freeman said, “I had to work really hard to get all of my fitness back. 

Considering soccer is so fitness dependent, Freeman has had to go through extensive a recovery process each time she’s injured, and especially with her knee. However, her attitude never wavered.

“Throughout Ashlyn’s injuries, I’ve seen how it really affects her when she can’t be on the field.” teammate, Molly Harris said, “She really cares about wanting to get better.”  

Ashlyn has stayed positive, despite everything weighing her down mentally. Her injuries have forced her to sit out of her favorite sport for an incredible amount of time, and she has had to go to countless physical therapy appointments.

“It was really awesome to see Ashlyn and her positive attitude throughout her whole injury” another teammate, Goeglein said. “It just really inspired me. 

Freeman is now back, and just recently played her first game since her knee injury all the way back in October. She hopes to stay healthy and be able to play for the Royals her junior and senior years. 

                                                                                                                                 Story by Turner Graves