SSN Athlete Feature: Jehnea Mirro

Jehnea Mirro has been involved in a multitude of sports. She’s put her time in wrestling, cross country, and track. On top of her track career she has been involved in long jump, distance events and even sprints as well.  


Mirro has come into high school getting her varsity letter in cross country and track. If you were to ask Mirro if she was going to do that she would’ve told you no. There isn’t a person in the world that wouldn’t agree that she has amazing talent. She’s worked all summer and all year to get where she is now as her freshman year is coming to a close.  


The track team tries to get into the gym twice a week and those are some of Mirro’s favorite days she says. She doesn’t like to slack off and not finish her work. Mirro has had a long year of going on the roller coaster of getting used to being on a varsity high school sport. She’d maintained prestige grades in her college level classes and also has been dominating her sport all year round.  


If you were to ever be that person to doubt yourself in a sport, don’t ever do that because who knows? Maybe one day, for whoever is reading this, could too be a varsity athlete at the Hamilton Southeastern High School for the Royals. Being a Royal puts a target on all of our backs, whether it’s athletics, music, art, or academics. Everybody wants to beat the Royals. Only time will tell what HSE will do with Mirro as she grows in high school with her athletics and academics, because one thing is for sure, she has amazing talent.  

Story by Lilian Cummins.