SSN Spotlight: Jake Huston


Sports Year Round

Time Management Is Key

Being a 2-sport athlete is very time consuming, especially when both of the sports have close to year round practice and little time off. For junior baseball and football player, Jake Huston, he plays Varsity for both and has to learn how to have a good set of time management skills. Whether this involves always on the go between school, sports, and friends or making sacrifices on some of those choices.


“I have to make many sacrifices over the weekends” Huston said. “Whether its giving up time for sleep, homework, or not time with friends.”

Huston tries to balance his time over the week and weekends by getting his homework done and spending time between his family and friends. Sometimes Huston has to give up time to hang with friends to either sleep or go to practice.


“Jake is a very hard worker for both of the sports” teammate Anthony Eggers said. “He will always be at all the practices on time no matter what time or day it is”


No matter what time a practice is, whether it is on a early Saturday morning or a late Friday night, Huston never fails to miss a practice. He is always on time and won’t miss a practice. This goes a long way for his character and proves to his coaches and teammates that he is very hard working.

“I always give my full effort in practice” Huston said. “No matter how tired I may be or when the practice is, I will be there to work hard and get better.”


Jake is known for being a hard worker. This helps his time management by getting his homework done and all the tasks he needs to complete day by day. He uses these skills to help decide whether to stay home and get homework done or know when to go hang out with friends or family. Being a 2-sport athlete takes a lot of work and time, Huston manages his time well and makes sacrifices along the way to balance his time with friends, school, and sports.    Story by Gavin Thomas