SSN: Jaden Parsons Spotlight

Parsons has played and enjoyed athletics since the moment he was 5 years old. The first sport he was put into was soccer and along came football in junior high. Parsons also enjoys sports the average person doesn’t participate in. Those sports consist of crew, sailing, and competitive shooting. His love for sports grew as he got older. It was until he fractured his neck in his 7th grade year leaving him almost paralyzed.

The fracture to Parsons neck took him straight out of his football career. “Football has always been one of my greatest passions.” Parsons said in an interview. Parsons now enjoys non-contact sports, and football is not one of them. “If it wasn’t for fracturing my neck i think i would be playing high school football now instead of pursuing my passion for music (French Horn).” Parsons said when asked what would’ve happened if he never had his neck incident.


Now that the neck incident has occured Parsons is forced to play non-contact sports such as soccer, crew, track, and sailing. Since those sports don’t exactly beat his passion for football he gazed his attention to his love for playing French Horn, while he still enjoys athletics but only the low impact ones. Parsons plans to major in music in college and if wasn’t for his neck injury he believes that most likely wouldn’t be occurring. He states he will still participate in athletics in college because it’s a great way to get his mind off of  stress.

Overall he describes that music saved his life after his neck injury. Music gave him was to escape his everyday stress just as football did. Playing music gave him a team and friends just as football did. Music includes both individual and team efforts to become a better athlete and musician. Just as athletics did, Parsons says he dedicates the same if not more time into playing his French Horn every single day.