SSN: Elliott Robinson Athlete Feature

SSN: Elliott Robinson Athlete Feature

   Going into his freshman year, Elliott Robinson had high expectations for the beginning of his high school career. However, this feeling of excitement and confidence was interrupted by a bike accident resulting in a broken arm. Elliott’s confidence was shattered, and his excitement turned to apprehension.  Elliott would now have to put his future plans and goals to the side and focus on the day by day recovery program he was on.


Unfortunately, this was not the only time Robinson had to face a setback due to injury.  In his sophomore year, Elliott broke his finger.  One year later, he broke his hand.  And if not enough, going into his senior year, Elliott faced yet another broken arm.


Robinson says, “The most important quality in an athlete is perseverance because every athlete is going to experience setbacks, like I did with my injuries, but you have to look at the end goal and stay focused on that.”


Elliott has learned not only how to overcome his many setbacks, but how to do so at a high level.  Robinson is a varsity letter winner in cross country, track, and basketball.


Despite the injuries, being a three-sport athlete is not easy in itself. He says, “The hardest part about being a three-sport athlete is time management.  You have to stay focused on school and not just the sport you are playing.”


Although, over his high school career Robinson has become accustomed to hard work.  His mother, Lacey Robinson, says, “One word to describe Elliott is hard-working.”


Elliott is an interesting athlete here at Hamilton Southeastern High School as he has not only overcome one, but three major injuries all while having to balance the three sports he participates in.  He is proof of the importance of focus and perseverance in athletics.