SSN: Auggie Isaac Athlete Feature


Nathan Goergen

A-Plus Running 

Junior Varsity Balances Two Sports and School

   On a chilly Saturday morning, hundreds of runners begin a major competition, the first one of the year. Cross country runners have been preparing for a long time for this, starting with early morning runs over the rising autumn sun. One of these runners is Auggie Isaac, a Junior who is somewhat new to competitive running. 

   Isaac has only been running competitively for a few years, and since then he has improved dramatically, with hopes of making to varsity soon, he is balancing Cross Country, Track and Field, and a heavy workload, which makes time management key. 

   “When I was in eighth grade, I actually had a serious addiction to cake, and my mom was going to cut me off from cake if I didn’t start doing a sport.”  

   Besides being in multiple AP and ACP classes, he has practices and meets almost every day in the fall and spring, and he is beginning to excel in running, but his positive attitude remains a key factor in his success. 

   “Auggie always brings a positive attitude,” says teammate AJ Brisben, “He is confident when competing which helps him excel in his races.” 

   Isaac’s future in running continues to be bright, as there have been no significant athletic achievements, but his main goals continue to look ahead. 

Academically I just want to continue where I’m at, and look at some colleges, and Athletically, I want to break into varsity next year, I’m towards the top of JV right now, so I would really like to run varsity next year.”

   Isaac has a big future ahead of him, and with his success, those dreams are getting bigger, he just has to run after it fast enough.