SSN: Garrett Dettman Athlete Feature

He. Is. Speed.

Baseball player Garrett Dettman found his passion in racing

At takeoff, the back-axle sinks toward the ground and the slick tires grip to the blistering hot tar. The off-white 2006 Ford Mustang screams off the line and darts down the road, gluing Garrett Dettman to his seat.

“I’ve been into cars since I was very little,” Dettman said. “I just got into them because they are fast, they are really loud, and the feeling of driving and being in the car.”

Dettman’s journey with cars began with his dad’s 1969 mustard yellow Chevy Corvette. The American-made V8 shouts “American muscle” with every sleek body line and perfect stitch in the fresh, tan leather seats. The unique car inspired Dettman to discover the incredible and diverse ins and outs of car culture.

“I love being in the car when Garrett is drving,” junior Gunnar Fraugher said. “It is fast and loud. Being in it (the car) while he drives is always fun.

Shortly after Dettman dove into the world of cars, he discovered racing. He fell in love with the lightning fast pace, smell of burnt rubber, and the feeling of being in the driver’s seat. He saved up and eventually had enough to get a manual Mustang. A moment he will remember forever.

“It’s my dream (Job),” Dettman said. “It seems really fun.”

For Dettman, there are not a lot of opportunities to get on a track as a high school student, but he has faith that one day he will fulfil his dream of racing on diverse and thrilling tracks all over the United States. Story by EJ Reichert