SSN: Nolan Satterfield Athlete Feature


Tough Choice Leads to Success

Whether he’s lacing up his spikes or his high tops, sophomore Nolan Satterfield is always ready to compete. Satterfield has been a very talented runner and basketball player his whole life. When Satterfield entered high school, he was not exactly sure how dedicated he was to running and if it was going to be right for him in high school. However, Satterfield quickly learned that he was meant to run in high school after a spectacular freshman season of cross country.

“I continued to love it throughout the start of high school, Satterfield said, so I decided to stick with it.”

As a freshman, Satterfield excelled in the sport as he worked his way up into the varsity top seven and finished with a personal record time that put him with other top freshman in the state. After all of the success, Satterfield made the tough decision and decided to not play basketball, a sport that he had always played and loved in order to focus on running.

Now a sophomore, Satterfield has once again made a huge jump in the sport. He consistently is one of the top finishers for the Royals and is able to compete with many of the older, fast upperclassmen that he races against.

“I’ve been able to compete well against those upperclassmen by just really working hard in practice and buying into what the team wants to do,” Satterfield said.

Many of Satterfield’s teammates have noticed his hard work and growth as a runner.

Sophomore Will Marquardt, Satterfield’s teammate said, “Nolan brings to the team hard work every day.” “When he realized that he had a lot of potential in the sport he started working harder and harder.”

Even though Satterfield is young, he has to step up and be a good leader for the team since he’s one of the top runners.

“(Nolan) brings a big leadership for the team,” Marquardt said.

While Satterfield has had so much success in running, he still enjoys playing basketball in his free time even though he cannot focus on it and play it as much as he used to. Giving up the sport was a tough decision for him, but he realized that sometimes tough decisions have to be made in order for other success to occur.  Story by AJ Brisben.