SSN; Katy Pippenger Athlete Feature

Dimitri Kyriacou

The Reflection Of The Girls Golf Season: 

From a young age Katy’s motivation to play sport’s has always been very high. After much of her family enjoyed playing golf, she further advanced her skills when she became a member on the High School golf team, at HSE.  

Playing golf is a lot different than other sports at Hse, it has not gotten as much spotlight as the other sports. Golf is played on a variety of golf courses, and requires much patience, as well as keeping a positive mindset. Nevertheless, the girls golf team as enjoyed their season. 

   “My favorite part of playing golf is being able to meet new people, and play with your friends on the course” Katy says. Of course Golf season wouldn’t be the same without their, well-loved, and respected sponsors. “We have great coaches, coaching our teams, were always doing something fun and enjoyable, but at the same time were also learning and improving our golf skills”, she adds. Another enjoyable thing about golf is that its not as competitive as other sports. “What’s nice about golf is that you don’t necessarily affect each other’s scores, but I mean we definitely still want to beat each other”, 11th grader Haeli Downs says. Golf according to the players, is also very calming. “Its really relaxed, we get to watch the people around us, and everyone is super nice to each other”. One of the favorite places Katy enjoyed playing golf at was purgatory. “It provides a challenge, but they also have really good practice areas with a lot of room, so its nice”. Overall, the girls definitely enjoyed their golf season. After all, they are all here to have fun!