SSN: Jackie Maulucci Athlete Feature


Jackie Maulucci Athlete Feature

A Girl with a Dream

It`s black, pitch black. The only light is at the end of the tunnel. There is pure silence as if a war was about to be fought. Then a voice shakes the building and roars, “And here are your Hamilton southeastern Lady Royals!” The girls run out of the tunnel onto the Indiana Pacers floor at Bankers Life Fieldhouse with a high level of confidence. Later, they run off as IHSAA Class 4a State Champions. Junior guard, Jackie Maulucci said, “This was an amazing group of girls which helped me shape and grow into the player I am today”.




Days later, Maulucci is back in the gym, getting up shots and working on her craft to develop her game. She is ecstatic to be a state champion, but she knows what her overall goal is. Maulucci said, “It has always been a dream of mine to play at the next level, and it was my junior season that put me on the map.”  Maulucci had a plethora of offers from smaller schools in her offseason. She was ready to make her dreams come true, but the right school wasn’t on the table yet. With her offseason nearing an end, she made a choice to commit to Indiana Wesleyan University to further her academic and athletic career in basketball.


This decision never sat right with Maulucci though, as she knew she was destined for greater things. She said, “I wanted to play at the highest level, and I know I am capable of playing at this level no matter the challege ”. So, Maulucci decided to decommit from Indiana Wesleyan and reopen her recruitment. Days later Maulucci received a division 1 offer, meaning she will have the ability to play at the highest level. Coach Huppenthal has worked with her for over 3 years and said, “Jackie has the ability to have many positive influences on our program. Her work ethic, attitude and coachability makes her a leader for us. Jackie has quickness and a quick burst, coupled with ball skills and shooting that will allow her to play at the next level “. Maulucci will be ready to start her senior campaign soon and plans to sign in the spring.