SSN: Shelby Sloan Athlete Feature

Hectic Student Athlete Schedule of Shelby Sloan 

Sophomore Shelby Sloan copes with a busy schedule with sports 

Sophomore Shelby Sloan and her fellow Varsity Basketball Cheer team step out on the court for their first Basketball game of the season, Sloan is filled with good energy and smiles having full confidence in her stunt group and her team that they can complete what they need to pump up the crowd 


Sloan is on both football and basketball cheerJV for football and Varsity for basketball. Sloan puts a huge amount of effort into her cheer and developing new skills to just improving day by day and practice by practice, but school is a major priority to Sloan. 

 “I try to manage my time, especially on weekends,” Sloan said. “That means I don’t hang out with my friends as much so I can work on school work to stay balanced throughout the week and not get stressed.”  

Sloan also make a huge point of importance to not work yourself up when you can feel yourself becoming stressed because getting worked up does not help your stress levels or your work ethic to be working yourself up.  

“Having my team mates around also helps me because they are so supportive,” Sloan said.  

One major person that helps with Shelby manage her stress is her Coach Amy Blair. Blair has been Shelby’s coach for 2 years now for Varsity Basketball Cheer. Blair helps Shelby and all her other athletes manage their stress by making jokes at practices and just making everyone have a positive aspect.  

“Shelby is a prime example of a great student athlete,” Blair said. “She is positive, hardworking, and kind and always showing her team mates, classmates, and teachers the up most respect. “ 

Sloan always tries her best to look on the brighter side of things even when she is in the worst of moods and that is one thing Blair loves about coaching Shelby and having her on her team. Sloan while she loves cheer, she takes school very seriously and she doesn’t want to disappoint her coaches, team mates, or teachers.