SSN: Rejesus “Chugga” Rosario Athlete Feature

Brock Cardinal

Aspiring 3-Sport Athlete

With the weather starting to warm up in the northern city of Chicago, freshman Rejesus “Chugga” Rosario slips his glove on over his hand and is ready to play baseball. This is what a weekend looks like for this athlete, especially during the spring sports season. 

Although baseball is his favorite sport, Rosario plays football and basketball in his baseball off-season. He enjoys playing these sports and also sees them as a good way to keep himself in shape throughout the year.  

“Baseball is my favorite sport,” said Rosario. “Just recently, I’ve been ranked top ten in the state for the class of 2023.” 

Along with this achievement and participating in many sports throughout his high school career, Rosario has found himself strapped for time. However, he does not regret his decision even in the slightest. 

“Coming into high school, there has been a lot more school work than there was in junior high,” said Rosario. “I try to study during the week, so that I can go to Chicago [for baseball].” 

It does not seem that Rosario would have time for anything aside from school and sports. However, he has met many new friends through playing sports within and outside of school. Freshamn AJ Strom, is one of the people Rosario has met through HSE Sports knowing each other for upwards of a year, and have grown close ever since. 




“On the court, he’s a beast,”

said Strom. “He goes in to

every practice and game ready

to give it his all.” 




Rosario plans on trying out for the school’s baseball team in the spring of 2020. The third baseman has been working hard in and out of seasons to prepare himself for further success in the future. The work is not easy, but Rosario says he enjoys it every step of the way.