SSN: Sydney Parrish Athlete Feature

Division One Drive

Sydney Parrish’s Goal to Play Division One Basketball Comes from Her Parents

The final seconds are ticking off of the clock at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, as the Lady Royals are about to win their first state championship in girls basketball. Senior Sydney Parrish is will undoubtedly be named the game’s Most Outstanding Player. She has finally left her impact on basketball in the family tree.

Parrish has played basketball since she should walk and was born to play basketball as both of her parents played basketball in college. They gave her valuable advice about playing the game she has played all her life.

“The best piece of advice my parents have given me is to always keep my head in the game,” Parrish said. “You will always have a bad game, but you can still make the key plays to win the game.”

Both of her parents playing division one basketball meant Parrish had big shoes to fill. Parrish has filled those shoes just fine as she was getting offers from division one schools.

“They told me that it would be my own decision,” Parrish said. “They said that I shouldn’t let anyone influence my decision.”

Parrish receiving recruiting advice from two people who went through the process was helpful. Her mom, Aimee, who played at Valparaiso, thought that Syd’s top offers would be Indiana and Purdue. However, Parrish’s parents weren’t expecting their mailbox to be full of offers from the best programs in the country.

“I never believed she would become this good,” Aimee said. “We never expected the best coaches in the country coming into our house to recruit Syd.”

While her mom didn’t see the progression of her daughter happening this fast, Syd’s father, Shawn, who played at Ball State, could see her potential while coaching her.

“I have been very lucky to coach Syd ever since she started playing basketball,” Shawn said. “The best moment was easily winning the State title with her last year.”

Overall, Parrish’s parents pushed her to the top of her game, and it has brought the best out of her. She won a State title last year and committed to play for the University of Oregon, and finally achieved her drive to play division one basketball.