HSE Bands: Chamber Ensemble Recital


Sierra Borkowski

What is it?

This night is held for both junior high and high school band students to perform in small groups for a panel of judges. Each group has chosen a piece of music to prepare together. After their performance, the group will receive a score and a ribbon of participation, bronze, silver or gold based on how well the piece was executed. This format is purposefully designed similarly to Indiana State Student Music Association Solo and Ensemble, a contest held around the state annually. Most students will eventually take their ensemble to ISSMA Solo and Ensemble contest, so the recital allows for some experience in a similar system. This also takes place of the traditional February band concert.


Where will this be held?

Groups will be in and out of multiple rooms over the course of the night: H125, H127, H128, H130, the cafes and the Leonard Auditorium.


When is this?

Multiple ensembles will perform over the course of 3 hours between 5:30pm and 8:30pm Tuesday, January 28, 2020.


Who is this for? Who is performing?

Anyone can come watch and admission is free. A list of ensembles slated with times and locations is posted outside the band tom H130 and on the HSEHS Bands website.

Come support your fellow and future royals!